Ronald E. Gots, MD, Ph.D. – Advisory Council: Atlantic Legal Foundation

14509972137285 (6)Chief Executive Officer
International Center for Toxicology and Medicine
Gaithersburg, MD

Ronald E. Gots is CEO of the International Center for Toxicology and Medicine at Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Gots also teaches environmental toxicology at Georgetown Medical School.

Since 1975, Dr. Gots has devoted himself to advising clients in the areas of environmental medicine, toxicology, causation analysis, and risk communication. He has helped thousands of clients navigate chemical injury claims, regulatory matters, mass tort claims, environmental and workplace exposure issues, and risk communication.

Focussing on the scientific methods for assessing diseases associated with chemicals and other toxins, Dr. Gots has authored nearly one hundred papers and fourteen books or chapters in books. He has published extensively on the science of Daubert.

In his capacity as an expert in environmental toxicology, Dr. Gots has met with workers and community groups across the country. He has also served as a consultant to manufacturers on matters of workplace safety and health, with a particular emphasis on indoor air quality assessment of office buildings, schools, and manufacturing facilities.

Dr. Gots holds degrees in chemistry and medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. He also earned a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from University of Southern California School of Medicine.